5 great pop punk Christmas songs

by · December 1, 2011

December is here and what better way to celebrate than a feature on some of pop punk’s finest Christmas anthems? Here’s a run-down of our festive favourite five.

5. Things I Want (Sum 41 ft. Jack Black)

Sum 41 at their hair-metal parodying best (teamed up with Tenacious D) produce an alternative take on the Christmas song with hilarious effect.

Among the items on Sum 41’s Christmas list are a Motley Crue lunch box filled with sticky buns and a statue of Moby on the surface of the sun.

Added points for a guitar solo that sounds almost exactly like the solo in Metallica’s ‘One’.

4.  Happy Holidays You Bastard (Blink 182)

Festive filth from the Blink boys as they tackle last minute shopping and dodge over-indulgent elderly relatives who can’t control their bowels.

All this in less than one minute. Give it a listen!

3. I Won’t Be Home For Christmas (Blink 182)

More dicking around from Blink 182, back when they weren’t taking themselves quite so seriously. More classic Blink humour comes in the form of the lyrics:  “Even though the jail didn’t have a tree, Christmas came a night early, because a guy named Bubba unwrapped my package.”

2. Yule Shoot Your Eye Out (Fall Out Boy)

Fall Out Boy don’t even take a break from their typically spite-filled lyrics at Christmas. Despite the tongue-in-cheek title of the track, FOB are more Grinch than Elf in this spiteful Christmas carol.

Merry Christmas? I could care less.

1. Ex-Miss (New Found Glory)

Excuse the dodgy ad at the beginning of the video embedded above, because this is (for me) the best pop punk Christmas song there is.

NFG have been criticised for being relentlessly upbeat and saccharine, but this Christmas song is anything but. With a spiteful sign-off to rival Fall Out Boy, Jordan sings: “I spent too much time and money on you.”

The best of the rest

The pop punk Christmas song is something of a tradition, and there are plenty of other gems out there. If you’re interested, check out Fenix TX’s ‘Felix Navidad’, Jimmy Eat World’s cover of George Michael’s Last Christmas or Something Corporate’s ‘Forget December’.


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  1. Dan says:

    a diamond hyena shooting fire from his butt…i hope i get that this year

  2. Lina says:

    I think Christmas with you (AVP) is nice one too

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