5 reasons you should be listening to The Wonder Years NOW

by · August 8, 2012

The pop punk landscape is ever-changing, but if there’s one band sure to remain a big part of the scene over the years to come, it’s Pennsylvania’s The Wonder Years.

With new music no doubt around the corner, if you’ve still not taken notice of TWY, here’s 5 reasons you ought to – right now!

5. They’re demoing new material

They’ve not announced any firm plans for a follow up to last year’s Suburbia, I’ve Given You Everything and Now I’m Nothing, but a tweet from The Wonder Years’ official Twitter account last week confirmed they are recording demos – which can only mean new material.

If Suburbia and its predecessor The Upsides are anything to go by, the next album could crown TWY as kings of the genre.

wonder years demoing


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