5 ways Blink 182 could get back to their prime

by · July 27, 2012

 4. Embrace what made them popular

Enema of the State

In an interview with NME, Tom Delonge appeared to insult both his bandmates and his legion of fans when he criticised Blink’s earlier material.

He was quoted as having said: ““I do not want to be in a bullshit pop band with some bullshit pop songs while you drive your fucking bullshit car and sing along to it like you’re some 14 year-old girl.”

If true, Tom needs to realise that Blink’s back catalogue isn’t “bullshit pop”. Sure, it’s not all gold, but songs like Josie, Pathetic and Lemmings spoke to a generation of teenagers who are now well into their twenties and even thirties who don’t appreciate having something they loved spoken about in that way.


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  1. Daz Hooson says:

    For me Blink are finished Tom Delonge fascinates himself with his arena rock sound and for me has lost all interest in Blink, they got back together to try and show people that they could still do it and it backfired for me. Like in the article superbly wrote how can a ‘band’ record in 3 seperate places. Mark Hoppus has passion for Blink 182 but it’s sad to see that Delonge got what he wanted with the album Neighborhoods and for him to diss their old style and the fans that grown up with their music he forgets who gave them opportunities and got him to where he is today just shows the kind of respect the guy has for anyone else.

  2. Mark says:

    On Neighbourhoods I think you can tell the Mark songs from the Tom songs. It never used to be that way.

    • Claudia says:

      I’ve always been able to notice the Tom songs from the Mark songs but on Neighborhoods it’s more apparent than ever. Also I agree with most of the article except the part about getting rid of AVA because I love that band with all my heart. And I don’t know if this is just me but in interview after interview they say that what makes the band work now is their different styles– Mark with indie, Tom with arena rock, and Travis with hip-hop– and it’s a bunch of bs that that’s what makes it “work” because to me it sounds like a conflict of ideas and it’s not cohesive and therefore it sounds bad. It they want to “make it work” they have to be on the same page. And the whole thing about Mark living in another country is bad. Canada I could even understand, but England seems very far. How are they supposed to be on the same page now??? I don’t expect Enema of the State blink to come back, but at least I want them to contribute equally to the band, and by that I mean Tom should make blink his #1 priority while making a blink record. He even wears AVA shirts at blink shows. I should stop talking now ’cause I could go on for a while.

      • Mark says:

        I totally agree Claudia, instead of the three styles blending into something cohesive, it sounds like each member doing his own thing.

  3. Daz Hooson says:

    You can imagine Mark coming up with ideas and Tom totally dismissing them straight away because they don’t fit his ‘sound’

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