Blink 182

Band name: Blink 182


Label: MCA

Years active: 1992 – present
Mark Hoppus (bass and vocals) , Tom Delonge (guitars and vocals), Travis Barker (drums)

  • 1994: Cheshire Cat
  • 1997: Dude Ranch
  • 1999: Enema of the State
  • 20o1: Take off your Pants and Jacket
  • 2003: Blink 182
  • 2011: Neighborhoods


Blink 182 are pop punk royalty. The much-loved fathers of modern pop punk formed in California nearly 20 years ago, and after a hiatus have reunited for another album.

With songs about growing up, sex, disregard for authority and having fun with friends, Blink set the template for many other young pop punk bands to follow. From the genre-establishing Cheshire Cat to the landmark Dude Ranch album and then on to the commercially successful Enema of the State, Blink 182 cemented themselves as big hitters in the pop punk scene.

The band reached the peak of their commercial success with hits ‘First Date’ and ‘Rock Show’ when they released Take off your Pants and Jacket, before releasing the more experimental and expressive self-titled album in 2003.

Blink have too many hits to mention, but even those who aren’t fans of the genre will be familiar with Dammit, All the Small Things and Feeling This.

With ventures into side projects in +44, Box Car Racer, Angels and Airwaves and The Transplants, the members of the band have pushed the boundaries of the genre outside of Blink.

Blink staged a triumphant return in 2011 with comeback album, Neighborhoods.