Blink 182

13 Nov

New Blink 182 EP: 5 reasons to be excited

by poppunkbands2

UPDATE: The new EP will be out December 18 and will feature one Christmas-themed track. 1. It looks more…. fun It sounds odd, I know, but just look at that tease of the EP’s cover above. It’s cartoony, colourful and apparently Christmas themed. Happy Holidays You Bastard anyone? I Won’t Be Home For Christmas? I […]

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28 Aug

Mark Hoppus working on new Blink 182 material?

by poppunkbands2

File this one under ‘Pinch of salt’ and ‘Jumping the gun’, but a cryptic Google+ post by Blink 182 bassist Mark Hoppus appears to suggest he’s working on new music. Of course this could be totally unrelated to Blink. Update: Mark eventually commented: Sorry, not trying to be mysterious.  Yes, this is me opening a […]

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