Which Pop Punk Band Rules Twitter?

by · May 16, 2011

Paramore wordnerd

Twitter has no doubt changed the way pop punk bands interact with their fans. The micro-blogging site has broken down the old media barriers that existed between fans and bands, giving us more insight than ever into the lives of our favourite pop punk bands.

But which pop punk band rules Twitter?


@paramore – 1,015,649 followers

@newfoundglory – 47,677 followers

@sum41 – 83,435  followers

@falloutboy – 147,450 followers

@blink182 – 128,572 followers

@ALLTIMELOW – 186,729 followers

@motioncitymusic – 19,853 followers

@everyavenue – 23,472 followers

This is just a few of the great pop punk bands out there, but in terms of followers, Paramore wins hands down. But, which of the top two has the best twitter vocabulary?

It’s Paramore vs All Time Low!

Using The Times newspaper’s WordNerd tool, which rates your vocabulary from your Twitter account, it seems that Paramore marginally wins it with a score of 388 to All Time Low’s 331!

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  1. Dan says:

    just checked GreenDay and they have 1,492,129 :-)

    Although a great effort by Paramore, relatively new kids on thr block compared to B-J’s merry men

  2. Mark says:

    Whoah! Green Day win hands down! Green Day have a much greater history than Paramore though.

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